Rithinay Punyamurthula

Artist Bio

Rithinay Punyamurthula is the daughter of Nagendra and Senchu, granddaughter of Rajbabu and Ammalu, A.R. Kamalanabhan and Kamalanabhan Bhanumathy, and sister of Raja. Their work centers the ideas of being child-like in their curiosity, messy in their practice, playful in their pieces, and transparent in their feelings. Punyamurthula works with a variety of different materials to make environments that are eccentric, tied to her background as a kindergarten teacher. Her rugs, decor, screenprints and multimedia pieces expand upon imaginative creatures and journal entries. Punyamurthula has sold her work at Milwaukee pop-up shops, and created posters and merchandise for local bands and artists. They also have had their work commissioned by Cafe Steam, a coffee shop located in Rochester, MN.

Currently interested in…

I have been exploring new ways of creating, and have learned that creating is just as important as working a 9-5. I’ve been trying to be mindful of spending my time pouring back into myself, and it’s been really cool to see other people enjoy that, too. That’s what I’m really excited about — more of the courageous vulnerability it takes to not only create, but to share consistently.

Rithinay Punyamurthula

MIAD staff | Coordinator of Equity & Inclusion