Kayle Karbowski

Artist Bio

Kayle Karbowski is the founder of Other Dust, a psychospiritual consultancy and techno-apothecary. This on-going project is a social practice in the form of goods, services, and education, inspired by traditions of working with dreams, divination and myth as creative fodder for supporting people in reclaiming their agency. Each experience with Other Dust is encouragement to rekindle our connections with the earth, rediscover our entangled histories, and rewrite our futures- all while basking in the holographic glow of our enchanting everyday existence. Other Dust’s offerings have been sold regularly in shops nationally, including Fischberger’s Variety (Milwaukee), Printed Matter (New York, NY), Earthcommons (Austin TX), and The Future (MPLS, MN). They are currently a faculty and staff member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Currently interested in…

Something I’m exploring right now in my practice is the myth of Inanna’s underworld journey. This has led to an exploration of the images of “tavern girls” in older beer advertisements and specifically Miller High Life’s “Girl in the Moon” (I think she’s a modern-day Inanna). 

Kayle Karbowski

MIAD staff | Lab Technician, Rapid Prototyping 
MIAD alum | ’15 Integrated Studio Arts

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