Adam Porter

Happy Pride Month! This is the month to celebrate queer joy, resilience, and fantasy. The latter is explored in the work of Adam Porter, a 2011 MIAD Fine Arts alumni. Some of his work is featured in our inaugural exhibition, “From This Point Forward.” Spilled Out, a series of 4 mixed media pieces that abstract the imagery of queer fantasies, sits right at the front of the gallery.

What’s most impressive to me about this series is the intricate and precise use of basic materials: marker, pen, ink, and cut paper. In the process of bringing them together, he transforms paper and crafts abstract tapestries of color that really vibrate upon viewing. Expansive narratives emerge from each piece in this abstraction. I can see the lights of a gay nightclub, or an indecipherable dream. Porter speaks subliminally to me in this indecisive clarity– our queer eyes communicating in a shared, secret language. This vibrant and colorful group of work is on display now until July 6th– be sure to check it out!

By Lee Judilla, Gallery Assistant

A quartet of abstract paintings in muted, pastel colors.